Blog: Teck Decision Shameful for Canada

February 24, 2020: Yesterday’s announcement from Teck Resources, withdrawing their application for approval of their Frontier oilsands mine in Northern Alberta, was a big surprise.

Many of us were bracing for the fallout from what we had come to expect was the rejection of the project by Liberal Environment Minister, Jonathan Wilkinson.  The opposition to the project within Liberal ranks had coalesced so thoroughly over the past two weeks that any sane voices in that party were being drowned out.  It’s quite clear to my colleagues and me that this Liberal Government is doubling down on their climate change agenda – as misguided as their approach is – at the expense of Western Canada’s economy, and particularly targeting the oil and gas industry.  It’s also very clear that the fake mantra about ‘listening really hard’ to Western Canadian concerns was just another transitory and empty talking point for this Liberal Government.

Here is a petition on opposition to the Teck Frontier mine – advanced by Mark Gerretsen, Liberal M.P. for Kingston and the Islands (Ontario).

I call this out, because it is important for Albertans to see who are the actual people in this Liberal Government who actively oppose development of our natural resource industry – in spite of our world-class environmental stewardship and social standards.  His website boasts of the economic benefits he has derived for his riding from the federal government – like new ferries, bridges, and transit systems –totalling over $130 million – largesse provided from the hard work of taxpayers across Canada – but disproportionately from Albertans.  He loves the money, but he hates where it comes from.

If you know people in Kingston, it might be worthwhile to contact them and let them know the effect their Member of Parliament is having on Alberta’s working industry – and on our position in Confederation.

And I will note the free market we are giving to new Russian oil developments – because Russia is still unaccountable for environmental concerns, governance issues, or any social standards.

$20 Billion will NOT be spent developing Teck Frontier to high environmental standards, and enriching 14 native groups proximate to the mine.

Canada is poorer for this decision; Alberta is poorer for this decision; the MP from Kingston and the Islands’ constituents will be poorer for this decision.

Russia (and others) will continue to take the field.