Questioning Officials About How They Determined a "Just Transition"

The Standing Committee on Natural Resources started its study on Creating a Fair and Equitable Canadian Energy Transformation on April 4.

Now, when the world needs Canadian oil and gas more than ever, the Liberal government is moving forward with what they are calling a ‘Just Transition.’ Nothing is ‘just’ about it when it causes our allies to rely on energy sourced from dictators and human rights violators; and when the jobs for thousands of skilled, hard working oil and gas workers are put in jeopardy with vague promises of something better.

Today we questioned officials who claimed a broadly based consultation with Canadians, but in fact, it was anything but ... being short, conducted when Parliament wasn't sitting to weigh in, and relying on thousands of form letters sent in by activists.

I also wanted to know if they had taken account of Canada's export economy, and what happens when we stop exporting our largest export product. The answers to that were pretty vague and seemed to rely on the fact that the government will make many millions of dollars of investment into industries that can't stand on their own and are unsustainable.

Here is my first round of questioning:

In my second round of questioning I continued to press on how the numbers add up: 800,000 jobs lost, and 640,000 highly subsidized jobs created in "green industries" - how does that math add up? Also, do we know what exactly those well paying green jobs are going to be, and if, as asserted, there are more people earning more money, how does the consumer not have to pick up the tab for that?

Here is my second round of questioning: