Questioning Minister Wilkinson on oil ban, flight of capital, CCUS

On Feb 28 in the House, I asked Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson about Canada's ban on oil imports from Russia, which have averaged about half a billion dollars a year - cash that helps fund Mr. Putin's war machine - at the same time as this government put obstacles in the way of responsible Canadian production and transport.

Minister Wilkinson responded that Canada hasn't imported CRUDE oil from Russia since 2019 (which is true, but completely overlooks other forms of oil & petroleum products). If he was correct, however, why would Canada ban the import of something we don't import? Virtue signaling with literally no consequence.

So on Mar 2 at the Natural Resources Committee, I asked him to clarify (and while I needed an assist from an NDP MP to get him to take the question) he did acknowledge that the government had had to amend the ban to now include not just crude oil but oil products.

We then went on to discuss other natural resources issues including the flight of capital from Canada and how Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage would be implemented - will they allow it to apply to Enhanced Oil Recovery, or make it an empty shell of a policy?