Question Period: Continuing to Press the Prime Minister on Line 5

On May 13 I kept up the pressure to try to persuade the Prime Minister to call President Biden and enforce the pipeline treaty between our two countries to keep Line 5 operating. Transcript of the question and answer is after the video.

Mr. Speaker, Enbridge's Line 5 has been consistently sanctioned as safe by the U.S. regulator. Now the governor of Michigan is trying to overrule that federal oversight authority. Enbridge is being pushed into a U.S. court to defend the energy needs of Canadians and the 30,000 jobs in Ontario that depend on Line 5. This pipeline operates under an international agreement signed by our two nations. For the sake of Canada’s energy security, will the Prime Minister step up and engage with the U.S. president on the enforcement of our treaty?

Seamus O'Regan Minister of Natural Resources

Mr. Speaker, Line 5 is a critical energy and economic link between Canada and the U.S. Because of our efforts, it continues to operate today. On Tuesday, the Government of Canada filed an amicus brief in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan, sending a clear signal as to where Canada stands on this issue. I want to thank my counterparts, Minister Savage in Alberta, Minister Eyre in Saskatchewan, Minister Rickford in Ontario and Minister Julien in Quebec, for their collaboration and their unity on this issue. This is a full-court press by team Canada, with the support of industry and labour.