On CTV Power Play about Bill C-69 Court Opinion

On May 10, I appeared on CTV Power Play with host Evan Solomon to discuss the implications of the Alberta Court of Appeal opinion which used strong language to determine that Justin Trudeau's Bill C-69 (The Impact Assessment Act) is unconstitutional because it seeks to give the federal government the last word on resource development, which is clearly in provincial jurisdiction. The interview is in two segments:


In this second segment, two journalists offer their opinion of the next steps in this constitutional battle.

Prime Minister Trudeau has already said the federal government will appeal the ruling - no surprise. This federal government is all about control and doesn't like provinces defending their constitutional jurisdiction.

Evan gives me the last word in which I remind them that many Indigenous groups are also opposed to this legislation; and many benefit from the prosperity that resource development brings. I also point out that federal Liberal politicians are not the only people who care about, and are capable of managing, environmental challenges. Provinces can also do that.