In Parliament: Supporting the Oil and Gas Industry and Workers

On May 13, I had the opportunity to conclude my speech in support of my colleague from Edmonton Manning's Motion 61 supporting the oil and gas industry and its workers. The transcript of my remarks is below the video:

Madam Speaker, I thank all my colleagues for showing up for the second half of my speech, which exalts the benefits of the oil and gas industry to Canada as a whole. I will be less animated this time because I have heard so many negative reports from my colleagues on the other side of the House about the oil and gas industry, which has been the lifeblood of this country for decades.

It has contributed so much toward our lifestyle and toward our support for social programs. It has been an industrial driver. It has led to many industries in Canada. That is really clear today when we look at what we are dealing with with Line 5, which I will remind members of the House originates in western Canada. Its source is in western Canada. It then traverses down through the United States to Superior, Wisconsin. Line 5 then continues from there to go through the United States, through both parts of Michigan and back into Canada at Sarnia, where it delivers 540,000 barrels a day of oil and other petroleum products for the benefit of Canada.

Ontario uses a lot of that, and some of it goes to the refineries in Quebec as well. A number of secondary industries use the oil as well for manufacturing, so there are plastics that are manufactured and there are petrochemicals. The backbone, the industrial part of our country, depends on that supply line. The logistics are there, and we have built a whole national manufacturing industry around this Canadian resource. It has benefited the whole of the country to such a great degree, not just counting our social programs, which I spoke about last time.

I will say one thing that I have heard again this week, this time from the Minister of Infrastructure, was that this is a subsidized industry. I will inform all of my parliamentary colleagues here that is complete balderdash. The minister is famous for saying that, if you repeat a falsehood many times, people will eventually begin to believe it. That was a falsehood as this is an industry that contributes approximately $24 billion of economic rent to this country on average.

It does receive tax credits, just like every other industry with the same types of technological advancement that benefit Canada, and this applies to every other industry as well. Let us talk about clean technology. Of the $2 billion in clean tech investments, $1.5 billion occurs in the oil and gas sector. It is very forward looking.

Think about the solutions to greenhouse gas emissions that are dependent upon reducing our CO2 emissions. That happens in this industry. This is an industry that is responsibly spending money and finding new technologies that will benefit the environment and this country. We are working against misinformation here, but I will stand with pride on an industry that has benefited this country for decades and should continue to do so. We will continue to monitor it and make sure that we are adding value throughout the piece.

I am very proud of my colleague from Edmonton Manning for bringing this piece forward.