In Parliament: Speaking on Motion 61 in Support of Oil & Gas

I spoke to a motion presented by my colleague from Edmonton Manning in support of several aspects of the oil and gas industry and its workers.

An excerpt from my remarks:

"I can attest that the only country that comes close to Canada's environmental standards is Norway. It has a declining base and is drilling further and further into the North Sea in order to access more resources because its $1.1-trillion wealth fund is built and entirely dependent on hydrocarbon resources.

"We talk about a European business model, and I have heard a number of times in this debate about how the world is moving on. We should take a look at where the world is moving on to. The world is moving out of Canada because we are easy pickings to move away from, but in so doing, it is funding investments in the Middle East, which has a far worse environmental standards and human rights standards. They also have no transparency at all on how it is producing its oil.

"We are comparing apples to oranges. Canada is the bar. Everybody else is below that bar. ..."