In Parliament: Pressing the Prime Minister on Line 5

On March 10 in Question Period, I pressed the Prime Minister on what he was doing differently to protect Line 5, after Canadian interventions on Keystone failed to be successful.

Here's the exchange:

Mr. Greg McLean (Calgary Centre, CPC): Mr. Speaker, can the Prime Minister tell Canadians what he means when his government says that Line 5 is different than Keystone XL? Is it different because the Minister of Natural Resources is paying more attention this time? Is it different because he might actually engage the U.S. administration on this issue? Is it different because it involves Canadian jobs outside of western Canada?

Keystone XL's cancellation represents the loss of thousands of Canadian jobs and billions of dollars of economic value to our country. So does Line 5. What is different this time?

Right Hon. Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, as we did for many, many years, we continued to advocate for Keystone XL up until the moment that a final decision was made. We are continuing to advocate for Line 5 and will continue to, because we know how important it is to Canadian energy and energy workers.

We also have continued to be there for workers in the oil patch, whether it was by purchasing the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion in order to ensure that it would get built, whether it is investing billions of dollars for orphan wells or whether it is by standing up for Canadian energy workers and a brighter future that we are building together. We will continue to be there to demonstrate that we know the future must include oil and gas workers in Alberta and across the country.