In Parliament: Pressing for Real Action on Reducing Emissions

On April 16, I made the following statement in the House of Commons, urging the government to take concrete action to reduce emissions [transcript is below the video]:

Madam Speaker, this week, the House of Commons got to finally debate Bill C-262, a bill that would provide a tax incentive for companies across Canada's economy to contribute to greenhouse gas reductions. Yes, in an era when the government's approach to an environmental problem is to nibble at the edges and tax Canadians, Conservatives have put forth a plan to incentivize the removal of these gases from the atmosphere.

Canada has been, until lately, a leader in the approach to solving the world's growing emissions. Our initiative would put us back on track.

Sadly, my colleagues in other parties spoke against solving global warming issues with Canadian technological solutions. We have seen the results of the current government's approach to managing greenhouse gas emissions. In 2019, we saw another increase from Canada, so the Liberal government needs to look beyond the non-solutions put forth by this Minister of Environment and Climate Change and consider this bill as part of a real climate plan, one that actually reduces greenhouse gas emissions.