In Parliament Mar 22: Protecting the Safety of Offshore Oil & Gas Workers

On March 22 in Question Period, I again followed up with the Minister on long-awaited legislation that would protect the safety of offshore oil and gas workers. We've been waiting a long time, and still the government drags its feet.

Here's the transcript:

Mr. Greg McLean (Calgary Centre, CPC): Mr. Speaker, offshore oil workers are hard at work keeping our economy running, yet the Liberals are sitting back and delaying regulations to keep these workers safe on the job. The Liberals waited until the last minute to introduce a bill in the Senate to keep offshore workers safe in their jobs. The Senate has finally done its job, but now the government is dragging its feet again on moving this bill through the House. Enough with the delays!

Conservatives and thousands of offshore workers have been waiting for six years. When will the government stop sleeping on the job and actually get to work to keep oil workers safe?

Hon. Seamus O'Regan (Minister of Natural Resources, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, workers in the offshore are currently protected. The legal framework continues to be in place; it has been since 2014. Workers are protected under the best health and safety frameworks in the world, and we continue to improve it, which is why it is the best. We are working on permanent regulations with our partners and when it comes to the lives and safety of the noble men and women who work in our offshore, I can tell the member that getting it right is paramount.