Question Period: Line 5 Shut Down is Just 9 Days Away

In Question Period on May 3, I again pressed the government about results - not just words - to avoid the shut down of critical Line 5, due to happen on May 12. The Liberal spokesman says the government will intervene "at just the right moment", but we are just nine days away. When will that moment be? Transcript of the questions and answers:

Greg McLean (CPC): The government claims they are working to ensure Enbridge Line 5 is not shut down on May 12th. Last week, the National Post reported officials are frustrated by how much time they are spending on the matter. Well, Mr. Speaker, Canadians are frustrated by the lack of results from this government. May 12th is a mere nine days away. And so far the Prime Minister has not been engaged with the President, with 25,000 jobs at risk. When will the Prime Minister recognize the urgency of solving this issue?

Marc Serré (LPC): Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Line 5 is nonnegotiable. People will not be left out in the cold. I would like to thank the members of the Canada/US Special Committee for their hard work on studying line 5. We have received the report. We are reviewing it. But it is clear that there is no daylight between parties and between Canadians on this issue. Line 5 is essential for Canada's energy security. Line 5 is not just vital for Canada, not just vital for the United States, but for North America. We will stop at nothing to make sure this is not shut down. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

Greg McLean (CPC): Mr. Speaker, those are words. Nice-sounding words. But the minister keeps stating that keeping line 5 is nonnegotiable. Yet we are still in limbo. The environmental impact of shutting down line 5 would be devastating. For a government that claims to be addressing climate change, they are simply sitting under a tree waiting for others to do their job. Can the Prime Minister tell us what is the plan to keep this vital infrastructure open?

Marc Serré (LPC): Mr. Speaker, I want to assure the House that we are looking at all the options. We will leave no stone unturned in defending Canada's energy security. We are working on the political level, the diplomatic level, and the legal level. We are ready to intervene at precisely the right moment. Line 5 is nonnegotiable. We're standing up for energy workers and for Canada's energy security. People will not be left out in the cold, Mr. Speaker.