In Parliament Jan 27: Asking the PM About Line 5

This Prime Minister is a good storyteller but never fails to disappoint on results. On Jan 27, Erin O'Toole and I asked the Prime Minister what he's doing to help workers and families so that they are not left in the cold if Line 5 is shut down.

Here's the transcript of my question, or listen to the video with Mr. O'Toole's follow up question. Tell me how many times you hear the Prime Minister reference Line 5 in his answers.

    Mr. Greg McLean (Calgary Centre, CPC): Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister is a good storyteller, but never fails to disappoint on results. For months, we have been calling on him to take action of Keystone XL. The end results are starkly clear. Now, the governor of Michigan wishes to cancel Enbridge's Line 5 easement which would seriously affect workers and consumers in Ontario and Quebec. Since this outcome would negatively impact millions of Canadians, will the Prime Minister take action now so that more Canadian workers and families are not simply disappointed and left in the cold?

    Right Hon. Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, over the past seven years I have defended the Keystone XL pipeline including to American Democrats and have continued to every step of the way. In my conversation with President Biden and with Special Envoy Kerry, we have talked about Keystone XL. We have talked about energy security. I have emphasized the interconnectedness and the opportunity for us to work together to create good jobs in the energy sector and indeed across our economies by working together in North America and that is exactly what we are going to do.