In Parliament Feb 23: Presenting 3 Petitions on behalf of Constituents

On February 23, I presented three petitions to Parliament on behalf of constituents:

The first petition calls on the House of Commons to recognize that the reduction of global net carbon emissions is a critical endeavor in our fight against climate change; and as the Government committed to net-zero emissions by 2050; and furthermore the Government has committed to exceed Canada's 2030 goal by introducing new carbon reducing measures.

Recognizing that Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage is a leading measure to reduce global carbon emissions, this petition calls upon the Government of Canada to introduce new tax incentives to encourage Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage investment to Canada.  

The second petition is from Canadians who realize that the current pandemic is causing significant disruptions to business models. The petitioners remember that during the 2019 Federal election, the environment minister, at that time, assured Canadians that the carbon tax would be frozen at $50 a tonne annually as of 2022; and that the Liberal Government has repeatedly told Canadians that the Carbon Tax would be revenue neutral for most taxpayers.

Now, the first-ever annual carbon tax revenue report indicates tax collections were as much as 21% higher than rebates paid to taxpayers in four provinces - Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick; The plan entitled, 'A Healthy Environment and a Healthy Economy' now proposes to increase the consumer Carbon Tax to $170 per tonne as of 2030.

This petition calls upon the Government to keep its promise to Canadians and not increase the Carbon Tax beyond $50 per tonne.

The third petition is from Canadians who draw to the attention of the House that Canadian oil is produced to the highest environmental standards in the world, and the Government needs to acknowledge the industry's pioneering efforts.

Oil sands producers reduced their GHG emissions intensity by 28% from 2000 to 2017, and Oil & Gas is Canada's leading export and the number one private sector investor in the Canadian economy.

This past year, the Trans Mountain Expansion Project provided almost 8,000 jobs and contributed $76 million in personal, corporate, and sales tax.

The continued uncertainty of Canada's ability to get our energy products to tidewater erodes global trust in Canada's environmentally-advanced energy sector. As pipelines are the safest and the cleanest way to transport oil and gas; this petition calls upon the Government of Canada to expedite the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.