In Parliament: Asking the PM About Risky Investment Climate in Canada

In Parliament on March 24, I asked the Prime Minister about Chevron's decision to stop work on the Kitimat LNG project, and how Liberal policies are creating risk and uncertainty for investors and workers in Canada.

He tried to blame other parties for his own government's failure to create an environment that attracts investment dollars and jobs.

Here's the transcript:

Mr. Greg McLean (Calgary Centre, CPC): Mr. Speaker, last week, Chevron Canada announced that it was exiting the Kitimat LNG after seven years and $3 billion. Why is investment fleeing this world-leading project? The Liberal appointee leading the Canada Infrastructure Bank said that risk and uncertainty are holding back private investment projects across the country.

It comes full circle. Liberals create risk and uncertainty and then blame investments fleeing Canada on risk and uncertainty. Can the Prime Minister please tell 4,500 more Canadian workers why their jobs are suddenly more risky and uncertain? Right

Hon. Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, global investors understand that climate change is real. The risk in their investments is often that there are mainstream parties in Canada, such as the Conservative Party of Canada, that do not accept that climate change is real and that we need to act. There are provinces across the country that continue to fight against the simple fact of putting a price on pollution as a way of moving forward to fight climate change and create good jobs. The resistance to understanding that climate change is real is the economic risk that all Canadians and investors face because of the Conservative party.