In Parliament: Asking the Liberals about Alleged Subsidies to Oil & Gas

Liberals and others continue to allege that the Oil and Gas industry is the recipient of government subsidies, but in fact, they are unable to name any when questioned.

On January 31, during debate in reply to the Speech from the Throne, I asked the Liberal Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Tourism and Associate Minister of Finance, Rachel Bendayan, if she could name just one subsidy to the oil and gas industry. Her answer cited exploration tax credits, but there is no such thing as an exploration tax credit for oil and gas in Canada, having been eliminated in the 2017 budget by her government. They really should get their facts straight.



Greg McLean Calgary Centre, AB

Madam Speaker, I got tweaked by the member's statement.

The question I would have for her is about her reference to subsidies for oil and gas. I will lead her in this direction, because I am looking all the time for subsidies for oil and gas.

As a matter of fact, I made a statement in the House today, if she was paying attention, about half a trillion dollars being supplied by the oil and gas industry to this country over the last 20 years. That is $500 billion that will need to be replaced because the industry is subsidized.

I was at the finance committee this morning, and I will tell the member that one of her friends, who is in an environmentally funded organization, presented before that committee. I asked her to please name for me one subsidy that the government has, and she mentioned the Canadian development expense. That was done away with six years ago.

Can the member name one subsidy she thinks exists for the most contributing sector in the Canadian economy?

Rachel Bendayan Outremont, QC

Madam Speaker, honestly, I know sometimes we like to speak in long parables in this House. I will answer very simply: exploration tax credits.