In Parliament: Asking for Detail on the Government's "Green Agenda"

I was in Parliament on June 1st and asked a series of questions about the government's so-called green agenda, with its overlapping budgets and large number of advisors, including Gerald Butts who was previously forced to resign as a Prime Ministerial advisor after counselling the Minister of Justice to break the law.

Note that the Associate Minister of Finance has one answer, pre-written, which she reads from the page over and over again in response to my questions. That one answer has nothing to do with any of the questions I asked.

It is frustrating that during a national health crisis, not only has the Liberal government suspended Parliament between March 15 and September 21 (what you see happening in Parliament is just a committee meeting, and even that will be suspended on June 17), but even when they make themselves available for questions, they think it is good enough to respond with a pre-written and irrelevant speech that is simply read into the record. Parliament is supposed to hold the government to account. This government is contemptuous of that obligation.