In Parliament: Asking about the YYC Travel Pilot Project

On March 26, in a debate about a strategy around reopening the economy, I asked the Parliamentary Secretary whether the government had considered the results of the YYC traveller screening pilot project that proved very successful, before they just discarded it in favour of a different set of rules. Is there any data to compare the YYC Pilot Project results to the results from the new rules?

Here's the question:

Mr. Greg McLean (Calgary Centre, CPC): Mr. Speaker, I have a couple questions in hearing her speech and I really want to ask her about travel. Travel is one of those things that Canadians have said that we need to lockdown on, but at the same time, we also have to continue to think about what travel means in our society. Travel means, of course, external affairs and making sure we have international business.

Prior to this latest lockdown, there was a protocol in place at many of the airports in Alberta, particularly in Calgary where I live, that actually did have testing in place that was very effective in making sure that we continued international business and abided by the best testing protocols.

Did the government consider the results of that protocol and how we were actually succeeding in maintaining international business before it decided to come up with a new protocol? Can it compare the two results it has seen so far as far as its effect on both the economy, as well as if there has been an associated effect on less transmission.

We have not seen that yet so I would love to see that.