Impact of Oil and Gas Work Huge in Newfoundland & Labrador's Economy

The Natural Resources Committee is continuing its study of the so-called Just Transition and the impact on the jobs of Canadians.

On May 9, the witness from Energy NL confirmed that there are currently about 22,000 jobs in the sector in her province, projected to grow to about 50,000. The current jobs represent about 10% of the working population of 200,000, and are good, highly skilled, technical jobs - difficult to replace.

The second witness disputed the myth that electrical vehicles are less expensive overall, and noted the high cost of renewable power sources that have to be backed up with natural gas or nuclear in order to provide reliable power.

I asked the third witness about the heat loss from electrical power, but she wasn't inclined to talk about that and we ran out of time before we could dig deeper. Next time.