How Will We Meet Doubled Demand for Electricity?

The Finance Committee continues its pre-budget consultations. Watch my exchange with Daniel Breton, President and CEO of Electric Mobility Canada.
Given that the demand for electricity is projected to double by 2050, I asked where the power to recharge EVs will come from if we replace all internal combustion engines; particularly as there are currently no new long-term sources of baseload power being constructed. Unfortunately, his answer contained promises but no plans or specifics.
I also noted that we are subsidizing "clean energy" jobs to the tune of $200,000 PER JOB, plus subsidizing electric vehicles. How long can that go on? His response pointed to fossil fuel subsidies in the United States and elsewhere, which isn't relevant (we already know that Canada's O&G industry CONTRIBUTES $25 Billion per year in tax revenue). I take from his answer that he expects his industry will never actually pay its own way.