Government Refuses to Stand Up for Line 5

Liberal government refuses to stand up for jobs and energy security

May 5, 2022
Ottawa, ON – Greg McLean, Conservative Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, the Hon. Michael Chong, Conservative Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, and Gérard Deltell, Conservative Shadow Minister for Innovation, Science and Industry, released the following statement on new threats to Enbridge Line 5:
“Once again, a court challenge is threatening Enbridge Line 5 along with thousands of Canadian jobs and our energy security.
“If Line 5 is shut down it will have devastating effects in Canada, putting more than 30,000 jobs at risk across Ontario and Quebec, and will result in significant fuel shortages and even higher fuel prices.
“Any disruption or shut down of Enbridge Line 5 is a blatant violation of the Transit Pipelines Treaty. When the pipeline came under threat last year, Conservatives called on the Liberal government to intervene by invoking the treaty and ensuring the U.S respected the terms and our interests.
“The former Natural Resources Minister at least did the bare minimum to include Canada’s voice in the legal process. It is shocking that now, under Minister Jonathan Wilkinson, the Liberal government is indicating it will not enforce its treaty terms in the U.S court and is choosing not to speak up for Canada’s interests.
“The only thing that has changed since the last threat to Line 5 is the Prime Minister’s deal with the NDP. Allowing the shutdown of Line 5 and creating a serious energy crisis at home is too high a price to pay for the NDP’s continued support for the NDP-Liberal coalition deal.
“By their inaction, the Liberal government is telling thousands of Canadian workers they don’t matter – and by allowing millions of Canadians and businesses to face massive fuel shortages, skyrocketing fuel costs, and extreme uncertainty, the Liberal government is not acting in the interests of Canada.
“Conservatives are calling on the Liberal government to act now to fight for Canada in the court challenge, invoke the Transit Pipelines Treaty, and ensure the economic and energy security of Canadians are protected.”