Federal Climate Change Plan Disappointing

Kyle Seeback, Conservative Shadow Minister for Environment and Climate Change, Luc Berthold, Deputy Leader of the Official Opposition and Québec Political Lieutenant, and I released the following statement in response to the tabling of the Liberal government’s new emissions reduction plan
“Today’s plan answers the question, ‘What do the Liberals do when they miss their climate targets?’ They make up new ones.
“This is just a renewed commitment by the Liberal government to miss even greater targets and attack more Canadian jobs. Time and again, the Liberal government’s reaction to each failed target is to simply increase them and talk louder; but bigger targets do not mean action, and stronger rhetoric does not get results.
“One aspect of the Liberal plan that will have a devastating effect here in Canada, is the new measures targeting Canada’s oil and gas sector that will have ‘increased stringency’, which includes a cap on production. This is simply the Liberal government’s re-commitment of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s pledge to ‘phase out’ Canada’s energy sector.
“No matter what words the Liberal government chooses to use, they are spelling the end for Canada’s environmentally and socially responsible energy; giving up on reducing global emissions by surrendering the global market to oil producers like Saudi Arabia or Venezuela who do not have the same care for human rights or their carbon footprint.
“Canada has an abundance of the ethical energy the world needs and wants but the Liberals are saying loud and clear they do not see a future for Canada’s oil and gas sector. Canada’s world-class energy should be taking up more space in the market to keep producers with lower standards out. Under Trudeau, Canada will sit on the sidelines and lose tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars to countries that do not share our values on the environment, human rights, or freedom.
“Canada has a role to play. Instead, Trudeau’s Liberal government are showing Canadians they care more about filling their political agenda and announcing new targets they never have and will never meet.”

You can link to the government's plan here: