Consult Northerners Before Unilaterally Implementing Ban, says McLean

On November 5, my colleague Eric Melillo and I called on the Trudeau Government to hold consultations with Northern Canadians before unilaterally implementing a northern drilling ban.



Conservatives call for meaningful consultation on Northern Drilling

November 5, 2020 


OTTAWA, ON – In the lead-up to next year’s review of the Liberal government’s northern drilling ban, Conservatives are calling for much needed consultations with affected northern communities. In 2017, all three territorial premiers condemned the Trudeau government’s heavy-handed approach.

“The Liberal government cannot preserve national unity by making unilateral decisions without seeking input from the communities who are impacted, including territorial governments and Indigenous communities,” said Eric Melillo, Conservative Shadow Minister for Northern Affairs. “Decisions impacting the North should not be made without input from Northerners.”  

“Natural resource projects are key to the economic development of the North. The Liberal government’s paternalistic attitude toward northern development is exemplified by the Prime Minister’s unilateral action in banning resource activity, without any consultation with territorial governments, or local residents,” added Greg McLean, Conservative Shadow Minister for Natural Resources & CanNor. “This short-sighted outlook will continue to jeopardize good-paying Canadian jobs in our world-leading oil and gas sector. Northerners need a government that will prioritize these jobs, and properly consult them on projects in their communities.”

The Conservative Party believes that the Territories deserve greater control over how they manage their natural resources and that the federal northern drilling ban should be scrapped. Conservatives believe that Territories should be able to keep resource revenues, enabling them to invest in their own futures.

“The Trudeau Liberals have shown that they are incapable of respecting the Territories’ rights to manage their own resources and chart their own path. Next year’s review must not double-down on past mistakes,” said MP Melillo.


Eric Melillo

Shadow Minister for Northern Affairs & FedNor


Greg McLean

Shadow Minister for Natural Resources & Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency