Canada Gouges Consumers with Increased Fuel Taxes

While Europe is reducing taxes on gasoline to help their citizens cope with inflation, the Trudeau government is gouging hard working Canadians $2 Billion more in fuel taxes from consumers. On May 16, I asked the Finance Minister if she would help Canadians by reducing the federal government's share of your gas fill-up.

In the Minister's answer, she fails to acknowledge that the Parliamentary Budget Officer has debunked the refund statistics that the Liberals continue to use. In fact, the PBO determined that the average Alberta family will pay $507 MORE in carbon tax than they will receive in rebates.

That's because the PBO accurately and correctly added such ancillary costs as GST being added to the carbon tax (don't believe me? Check your utility bill. It is a tax on a tax.)



Mr. Greg McLean (Calgary Centre, CPC): Mr. Speaker, Europe has cancelled fuel taxes, amounting to over 20 billion euros. In contrast, the government has decided to gauge $2 billion more in fuel taxes from Canadians. The Minister of Finance says that inflation is a global phenomenon, but when her government has a tool to curb one of inflation's main causes, she sits on her hands. This is the only government in the world increasing fuel taxes.

    Will the minister pay attention to what is happening around the world and provide Canadians the same relief from inflation?

    Hon. Chrystia Freeland (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, the price on pollution is such an effective economic mechanism to bring down our emissions because the money goes back to Canadian families. The member for Calgary Centre knows that in Alberta, a family of four will receive up to $1,079. In Ontario, the province that I represent, a family of four will receive $745. In Saskatchewan, it is $1,100.