In Parliament: Auditing the Liberal Infrastructure Plan

January 28, 2020: Today is an Opposition Day in Parliament, and Conservatives have proposed the following for debate:

That, given the Parliamentary Budget Officer posted on March 15, 2018, that “Budget 2018 provides an incomplete account of the changes to the government’s $186.7 billion infrastructure spending plan” and that the “PBO requested the new plan but it does not exist”, the House call on the Auditor General of Canada to immediately conduct an audit of the government’s Investing in Canada Plan, including, but not be limited to, verifying whether the plan lives up to its stated goals and promises; and that the Auditor General of Canada report his findings to the House no later than one year following the adoption of this motion.

It's a bit wordy but the point is that the Liberals have set aside money for infrastructure but aren't spending it, at a time when many Canadians need a job and our economy needs the infrastructure. For every $100 allocated to infrastructure, the Liberals have spent $60, and the Parliamentary Budget Officer found there was actually no plan. We are asking the Auditor General to review the spending against stated objectives for the money.

UPDATE: The motion passed 166-152.